Bishop Urges Action in the Face of Gun Violence

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Dear Ones in Christ Jesus,
Like many of you, I have thrown up my hands of late in weariness of “thoughts and prayers” as it pertains to gun violence. Certainly, let us continue to pray without ceasing for all those affected by gun violence and by the senselessness of the 116 people who die each day in this country by the pulling of a trigger. Yet as we pray, may we also be people of action, who use our voices and privilege to demand change – both for ourselves and for our children. To that end, I invite you to write to your legislators using the information below, or take any of the following actions:

For more on how you can become involved in the movement to end gun violence, take time to view and read the information on West Ohio’s new Gun Violence Prevention web page:
Loving as Jesus loved,
Bishop Gregory V. Palmer