Project #1: Linking Linworth & Laos

Bishop Bruce Ough recently told our church, "I want Linworth to be the vanguard church rallying others to the ministry in Laos." A team of 5 will be going to Laos in April to visit churches and help with painting/construction in Vientiane.



 Project #2: 

Worthington Food Pantry

We are partnering with WFPRC which opened on July 18th.  This partnership includes food drives at LUMC, providing volunteers and offering our support in any way we can. The WFPRC serves zip codes 43085, 43235, 43229, and 43081.   Contact Esther Hunter, Director of Social Concerns, Missions and Outreach for information on how you can serve in this ministry.

List of Needed Items

      Canned fruit in natural juices
•    100% fruit juices

•    Dried fruits
•    Canned vegetables in all varieties.

*We tend to get plenty of green beans and corn.

*Some low salt versions are appreciated
•    White, wild and brown rice
•    Whole grain pastas
•    Whole grain crackers
•    Baking flours
•    Shelf stable tofu
•    Whole grain breakfast cereals
•    Unsweetened breakfast cereals
•    Granola bars with fruits and nuts
•    Beef Stew
•    Ravioli and other canned pasta meals
•    Soups - hearty & meaty prefered - Some low salt and low sodium are appreciated.
•    Shelf stable milk
•    Canned fish
•    Canned beans, other than green beans
•    Dried beans
•    Nut butters such as peanut butter
•    Nuts & Seeds
•    Popcorn
•    Cooking Oil
•    Sugar
•    Sugar substitute
•    Toilet Paper
•    Kleenex
•    Shampoo
•    Toothpaste & toothbrushes
•    Deodorant
•    Dish detergent
•    Laundry detergent  (powder preferred)
•    Diapers (all sizes)